What To Look For When You’re Looking For A Roofing Contractor

Installing a new roof on your home is a major investment. The majority of the expense is to pay for skilled labor. Choosing experienced labor is the most effective way to protect your investment. Compiling a list of roofers from the internet is one way to find a roofer. Do a Google search for any roofing services fayetteville nc, but the best way is to get recommendations from friends and family you trust. Make a list of at least three contractors. Make sure they have been in business for five or more years. Roofing contractors who do poor work usually do not last for very long. 


After compiling a list of at least three contractors, verify with the Better Business Bureau and your local chamber of commerce to ensure the contractors are in good standing. Verify that they have a good business reputation in the community. Contractors have to keep a satisfactory rating with the BBB to maintain their certification. Ensure that the contractors also have a business address that can be verified and a working business phone number. Search the websites of the contractors and look for recent completed jobs with extensive details about the project. Also, look for videos that showcase the projects 

The Consultation 

You should meet with at least three roofing contractors. Here are a few questions you should have for the contractors: What kinds of materials will be used for the project? Ask to see samples of materials that will be used. How often is the work completed within the given estimate? The contractor should contact you immediately if the project will go over the estimate. Is the contractor licensed and have general liability and workers compensation? As a homeowner, you could be liable for any employee injured on your property. If you find out their employees are not insured, don’t even consider doing business with them. Are the contractors certified? For any manufacturer designations, contractors must pass certain requirements to be certified. 

Be Aware 

A contractor should never require you to pay the cost of the project in cash. Never let a roofing contractor rush you into signing a contract. A professional will understand that you will be getting estimates from other contractors. Be aware if a contractor is hesitant to give you references. A professional will be happy to give you names and numbers of satisfied customers. A contractor who will not provide a written estimate should raise a red flag. Also, a reliable roofing installer will be ready to offer a warranty for the work that is done. 

What About The Warranty? 

There are several types of warranties. Make sure you know which one you are covered by. Labor only warranty – This type of warranty will only cover the cost of labor for making any repairs on the roof. Manufacturer material warranty – This type of warranty will only cover the failure of the roofing materials. Comprehensive warranty – This warranty provides complete coverage. Be aware that it probably will not cover what’s known as an “act of God” – which would include fires, tornados or floods. This warranty may also be void if there is poor maintenance by the owner of the home. 

The Fine Print 

If there is a problem with your roofing installation down the road, you want to make sure your roof is covered. A good contractor will stand by their work and will have a good reputation. To keep that reputation, they will ensure their customer is satisfied.

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