February 20, 2024

Make Your Home More Secured

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There are some basic things we do normally and on daily basis to keep our homes safe and secure from burglars and thieves. We look the doors before leaving the house and at night before going to bed, we keep the windows shut and we always look through the peephole before opening the front door for anyone.

Apart from all these safety measures, there are some more steps you can follow to keep your homes safest in best possible way.

According to security experts, the following steps should always be valued for your home safety.

  1. Examine the strength of your main door:

The main door of anyone’s house carry a lot of value and importance. This door is used for entering and exiting the house. Make sure that the door is made up of solid and strong material. Hardwood or steel are strong enough materials. Never go with a lightweight door that is hollow from the center.

It will be good if you screw a heavy and strong deadbolt strike plate. Make sure you use 3 inches long screw to attach the plate securely to the door. You can also buy reliable and good quality doorway reinforcement set. This kit will help in fortifying all the weak spots on the door.  You can also hire High Security Locks Replacement Service. They will change the locks and make your house more secure.

  1. Fool around the burglars:

Most of the burglars intrude the homes during daytime when the homes are vacant and people are either out for work or at school or they try to do burglary or theft in the evening when the home is dark and silent. You can have the best solution for this problem. Set the timers to turn on the TVs, lights or radio when you are not at home. In this way, bad people would think that there is someone at home, when actually there is nobody in real.

  1. Have a check on the windows and doors:

Thieves and burglars can easily open the sliding windows and can even get past the door locks. For extra protection, you can take a shower curtain rod and put in right parallel to the sliding track. In this way, the windows will not be able to slide. There are window sensor alarms available these days you can use those alarms. When someone will try to open the door or window then you will get message or notification and you can immediately act accordingly.

  1. Be careful when going on vacations:

When you plan your vacations then it is the time to relax, chill and enjoy. In order to keep yourself worry free for your house’s safety, you must do proper planning before leaving your house. Do not let the flyers and adds pile up outside your house, as it will let bad people know that you are away from your home from many days. Ask your friend to keep picking up those pamphlets when you are away.

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