February 19, 2024

Real vs. Fake THC vape carts – How to tell the different

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How do you spot a fake THC vape cartridge?

It’s all over the news. An increasing number of people are suffering from illnesses and even deaths as a result thc-containing cartridges. These THC products are made to appear legit, but they are actually fake.

These contaminated THC vape cartridges may be purchased online at a lower price than original THC cartridges. Be sure to be aware of the warning signs and avoid buying contaminated cartridges.

Knowing how to distinguish between a THC capsule and a contaminated cartridge could save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

Read the license

There is a high possibility that any cartridge not purchased from a licensed dispensary will be dangerously contaminated. Even seemingly harmless additives can cause severe consequences when heated and incorporated with other ingredients.

Legally tested products are only available at licensed dispensaries to ensure your safety. THC cartridges illegally bought or purchased online will likely not be tested. THC cartridges must carry a license on their packaging. The product’s license number assures legal, safe and reliable use. You should immediately throw away any product that doesn’t have this unique license number. A product that does not have a licensed number means that it is not allowed to be sold on the legal market. Toss any cartridge that does not show this proof of its quality.

To verify authenticity, valid THC products have to post their lab results online. If the product does not provide information about their lab findings, the cartridge may be counterfeit.

Fake paper packaging

Every THC cartridge needs to have specific information on its packaging. This is essential for proving its authenticity.

Official THCA products will have the following information

  • Package date
  • Batch number
  • Manufacturing date
  • There are many

One of the most important things to look at is a packaging symbol. These icons must be included on all packaging that the state requires. To further prove the brand’s legitimacy, you can use the QR code printed on each package. In light of the widespread trend towards copycat brands, QR codes are a great indicator that the product you’re buying is legitimate, legal, safe, and tested. Any package that doesn’t contain the above information should not be used.

Apart from QR codes which give you more information about the product, it is also important to have the serial number on your package. Compare the serial number on the box with the one on product’s website. If the numbers don’t match, it’s likely that the cartridge is counterfeit.

Signs you have a fake THC cartridge

Most times, you can spot counterfeit cartridges by using common sense as well as experience. Trust your instincts. It’s always safer to be safe and not take chances with something that doesn’t seem right.

Throw it out immediately if you are able to taste it. The cartridge may be fake if it has a metallic aftertaste, a burnt flavour, or makes you cringe. These “off-flavors”, also known as “off-flavors”, should be avoided. They could be a sign that the cartridge has contaminants or any other additives that can cause bad reactions when heated to vapor.


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