February 19, 2024

A Beautiful Garden Might Attract Intruders

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When I first started planning a garden in my home’s backyard, I would have never imagined putting in the features I have installed to keep the garden secure. Most of my original plan involved pretty little flowers, and a fountain. I was going to surprise my wife while she was away on a business trip in France. It was five years ago when I started building the garden, yet it has grown immensely in the five years since it started. My wife appreciated the things I did to start the garden, but we’ve made some huge improvements to the aesthetics of our home garden. 

We’ve made so many improvements that we’ll sometimes have strangers come to look at our garden from the street. I don’t mind seeing a new face looking over the fences because we put so much work into our home’s garden. It makes sense that its beauty is significant in the minds of people passing by our neighborhood. Our neighbors started to look at our home more when we put the fence around our garden. The fence protects our home, but it also serves to make the backyard look more cohesive. Our home garden resembles a public park because we maintain it better than most of the houses in our neighborhood. 

I didn’t mind talking to neighbors who found our gardens enchanting, and I still don’t mind talking to strangers that are drawn in by the appearance of our home garden. But I don’t want anyone seeing our home next to the beautiful garden because they might break into our house. This is why I decided to secure the home and garden with some security doors Penrith. There’s no better way to sleep soundly at night; after we installed those doors I have been getting the best sleep of my life. 

We were lucky to never have a single threat to our home in the past few years, but it hasn’t been looking as good as it does now. When you have something beautiful, it’s natural to try to protect that precious thing from people who might want to harm it. Our garden is full of beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees. The plants are in the ground; I don’t imagine anyone will try to walk away with lawn chairs; the fountain weighs a couple hundred pounds, so I think it’s safe where it sits. You might ask yourself why I would install security doors. 

I don’t want people walking in to look at our garden because they might start looking closely at our home. It feels safer having the motion sensors in place outside. The secure entrances and exits to our home help everyone inside feel at peace. We’ve been able to upgrade the features inside of our home over the years as well. I want to do my job right by keeping my entire family safe from intruders. Even if they come in just to look at the garden, that’s a risk we don’t have to take.


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