February 20, 2024

Making Our Oceanside Home Beautiful

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Owning a home near the water is a magically enchanting experience because of how close we are to sea creatures and the waves. My favorite animals live in the ocean, so I always wanted to live near the sea. My dream of owning a home on the water, like a yacht, seemed impractical when I became an adult, so I settle for owning a home close to the water. When we saw this house on the market, we couldn’t help but make an offer for it. It’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a seaside home, and we have made plenty of improvement to the home and garden ever since we moved into this place.

What a wonderful experience living next to the ocean is for our family. We were used to living in the city next to a bus stop. When we moved to the ocean house, we knew we were in for a world of difference. Raising a family near the ocean means more than eating fish and crabs for dinner every night. We are able to actually teach our children about the ocean because it’s right next to our home. We have a private beach in our backyard, and we have our own pier.

The pier wasn’t there when we moved in, so we used to have to launch out little boats from the sand every time. Having the pier with a hadco bollard has certainly made our lives easier. Not having a place to dock and tie up our boats meant that we would have to drag them onto the sand every time we needed anything from inside. We don’t typically leave the boats out for more than a few nights on their own because the weather conditions might turn out tiny boats upside down.

In addition to the new pier and bollard we installed, we also set up a few recreational activities for the children. We set up a volleyball net on the private beach that is a permanent fixture because we actually cemented the posts into the ground, so when we’re not using the court we only have to take the net down. However, during the summer we leave the net up to give the kids a chance to play whenever they want. Our youngest daughter is becoming quite good at the game, so we’re trying to provide her with as many opportunities to advance her talent as possible.

When we’re not playing volleyball or out on a boat on the ocean, we like to use our charcoal barbecue grill to cook up something to eat. We also have a smoker used for bigger meals, but it comes in handy when we have a party at our home. We have one of the best yards to have a party because of all the things we’ve added for our family, so we’re usually the house to throw the big parties each season. You’ll know it’s our home when you see people having fun and goofing around.

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