Replacing Windows is a Major Investment 

If your old windows are weather-beaten, loose, drafty, or visually take away from the appearance of your home, it is time to seriously think about having to replace them. That can be a daunting task because of the wide range of types of windows if they will fit into the existing window openings, their prices, the features that will make them energy efficient and allow a lower cost of cooling and heating, and how they will improve the ambiance and resale value of the house. 

If you are considering window replacement Colorado Springs CO area, carefully research the companies offering such an important addition to your home and which windows will give you the features that you want and which are the best for your climate and location. Superior thermal insulation helps your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Windows are available in many materials such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, vinyl-clad wood, aluminum-clad wood, glass blocks, and various composite materials. Most modern windows have two or more layers of glass, which is double glazing or triple glazing. The United States Energy Code’s standards for products installed in residential homes require Low-E Glass. The best windows are also ENERGY STAR certified and may have available federal, state and/or city tax credits, rebates or other incentives. 

If a full-frame installation is required, the trim around the old window and the old window frame are completely removed. The new window is secured to the studs around the opening and the trim is replaced. “Double-hung” windows are the most traditional window and have a lower sash and an upper sash which slide up and down in the opening. “Single-hung” windows operate the same, but the upper sash is fixed in place. Featured are “tilt-in” sashes to allow access to the exterior of the house from the inside and for cleaning of the exterior. “Casement” windows have hinges on one side and are operated using a hand crank casement windows out to let the fresh air in. “Awning” and “basement” windows have hinges on the top and the bottom. “Picture” windows make the most of showcasing the beautiful outside view. 

New windows can make your house more attractive, quieter, and with far fewer drafts. They are weathertight, don’t need painting, are a combination of screen and storm, are strong and durable, reduce your carbon footprint, and are low maintenance, are easier to clean. Be aware that upgrades can add as much as 50 percent or more to the base cost of a window, so carefully focus on features that add value and are not just frivolous. For example, triple glazing is not necessary unless you are in an extremely cold climate. On the other hand, screens that are finer meshed let more light in and do not obscure the view as much as standard screens do. The new windows can be matched to your home’s current architecture, change the style, or complete a renovation. Make sure to choose a company with a crew of craftspeople who are master installers with exceptional experience.

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