Technological Trends in Plumbing Sector

Just like any other sector in the world, plumbing industry is currently experiencing tremendous changes due to advancement in technology. New and efficient methods of performing repair and maintenance have emerged. Some of the benefits of technology in this sector is that it is becoming easy to implement some complex plumbing activities while at the same time lowering the cost of plumbing services. There are some technology trends that professionals should understand so that they can remain relevant in the industry. 

Green living, which has been a buzzword for a more extended period, is now a reality in the plumbing industry. More than 50% of the plumbing materials are now ‘green’ such that they have incorporated environmentally friendly designs. Sprinklers can now turn on and off using automatic control measures which lower the amount of water in use. Professional plumbers are now recommending green plumbing materials to their clients with the sole aim of environmental sustenance. This trend is expected to be adopted in large scale in the next decade. 

Touchless plumbing fixtures are now taking the plumbing sector by storm. Initially, these fixtures were common in commercial and high-end buildings but have now found their way to residential houses. Most of the touchless plumbing fixtures are using motion sensors to turn the water on and off. They have been designed with the single goal of ensuring that little water is used. Experienced plumbers have also realized that touchless plumbing fixtures require less maintenance as they are not likely to be damaged. 

Self-cleaning devices form the category of plumbing fixtures that will become a reality shortly. Many people hate the idea of cleaning their toilet where they have to take a brush and start scrubbing the dirt. However, this will soon be replaced by professionally modified toilet bowls that will be fixed with cleaning tablets. This means that scrubbing will not be necessary unless the amount of dirt is very high or self-cleaning mechanism fails. This technology is designed with the aim of minimizing the amount of water used in cleaning toilet bowls. 

With the view of minimizing electrical consumption, plumbing companies are now coming up with tankless water heaters. This means that the heater is not attached to any tank for it to be effective. This strategy is helping in lowering the high running costs that are associated with water heaters. Heating repair Shrewsbury Ma, will significantly be affected if the new technology is adopted as there are not repair and maintenance needed when using a tankless water heater. 

Grey-water recycling is also becoming a standout trend in developed countries around the world, especially where there is an acute water shortage. This is a technological trend that involves recycling dirty water to perform some critical roles such as irrigation and even flushing toilets. Although the water is dirty, it is environmentally friendly. Other modern trends in plumbing include brain pipes, which send alerts in case of leakages and low pressure. Professional plumbers should be aware of these trends so that they can remain relevant in the ever-changing world.


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