February 19, 2024

What is a good way to estimate the cost of construction?

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There are various factors that determine the possibility of house construction- the time required to build a house, market trends, the overall cost, and much more. Many house construction projects are going on in India that determine the pace of development, economic growth, and much more.

There are various services like bank loans, government house construction support policies, and other relevant services that help people build a house in their budget. Hence, budget estimation is a crucial task at the initial stages of the house construction lifecycle.

Initial house construction cost determining stages

While aiming to build a house, proper planning is required so that every step can result in an affordable output. Before buying construction materials, labor, machines, and other services, there are various requirements. These requirements should be noted and estimated properly to generate an affordable budget.

  • Designing:This is a crucial step while estimating the cost to build a house. It requires a structured analysis of all the steps required to build a house. This process is iterative over the complete estimation and budget management plan.
  • Market survey:This step deals with quantitative and qualitative analysis of service providers, materials used for construction, geographical location, and much more. It deals with the market study to gain deep insights into different budgets provided to build a house. This helps to regulate the budget flow and increase efficiency.
  • Contacting dealers:After conducting a market survey, the customer must contact the best and most affordable service provider and fix the deal. This involves getting detailed information about the terms and agreements of the service provided by a particular dealer.
  • Requirements gathering:After finalizing the deal, there is a need to buy infrastructure. The quality and cost of infrastructure need to be balanced.

These factors determine the cost required to build a house at the initial stage.

Important factors determining house construction cost in India

The basic factors necessary for constructing a house must be considered while calculating total modified cost. All these factors are related to the direct cost of building a house, as defined in the initial requirements gathering stage. Hence, they significantly affect the estimation of total construction cost. These factors include:

  • Land:This is the most costly asset as it provides the base space for construction that belongs to the customer. This cost varies according to location, market availability, and other services like hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Infrastructure:This includes the cost of all the raw materials, tools, and technologies required to build a house. After land, it holds the greatest share of total construction cost.
  • Transportation:This is an important factor as the raw materials and other tools need to be transported to the destination from the source location.
  • Electricity and water supply:These two factors are responsible for the initiation of house construction as without electricity or water, the construction cannot occur.
  • Laborers: This depends on the number of laborers and their skill level. Technicians are more costly than laborers who use muscular force.

These factors should be properly evaluated to maintain the budget. This is a good way to estimate the total cost required for constructing a house.

Most accurate estimation of house construction cost in India

There are many mechanisms to estimate the construction cost, but the most suitable and highly preferred one is the control estimation mechanism. The major cost estimation factors, including service contract, land cost, etc., are considered. This cost involves direct cost factors and reduces the number of indirect cost factors.


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