Does Your Home Really Need A New Air Conditioner?

You may underestimate how important your air conditioner is in your home until it stops working. You may think that a few fans can make your summer livable, but this usually isn’t the case and you and your entire family will find yourself sweating while trying to find some relief. Any residential air conditioning augusta isn’t just a luxury in the hotter areas of the country and it is something that almost every home should have. Here are several reasons that may make getting a new central air system a good idea. 

You Have Window Units 

While window units will do the job to a point, their inconvenient and are an eyesore. With a unit sitting in your window, you don’t have the option to open your window on cooler days or to get a breeze in your home. They can also damage your window sills from the excess weight and potential water damage from condensation or a leak. Get rid of your window units and get a central air conditioning system that can keep your home cooler more efficiently and evenly with equipment that isn’t in your way. 

You Keep Having To Pay For Repairs 

We get it, a new air conditioner is expensive. Unfortunately, so are repairs if you have to keep having to make them. Aside from the costs that keep adding up, a malfunctioning air conditioner means that you could go days or even weeks in the heat waiting for a professional to do the repairs that are needed on your central AC. It’s a good idea to come up with a cutoff point when it comes to repairs. Once you hit that point, replace your unit instead of sinking more money into your old one. 

Going Green 

Air conditioners are more efficient than ever and many of them qualify for the Energy Star program. While investing in a new air conditioner is always going to cost a decent amount of money, you can end up saving on energy bills by choosing one that is energy efficient. Even if your old unit is still working well, it still isn’t as energy efficient as new units that are available, which is a good reason to replace it instead of trying to repair it if it starts having problems. 

Your Old Unit Is The Wrong Size 

Like a lot of things in life, size is important and you need to make sure that your air conditioner is the right size to cool your entire home. If you have expanded on your home, there is a good chance that your old unit is not powerful enough to cool the whole thing even if you properly expanded the ductwork into the new addition. In this case, your old unit will end up having to work much harder than it should which will lead to higher bills and more repairs from wear and tear. There is even a chance that it was the wrong size when it was installed.

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