Modern Rooftop Trends for Modern Houses

Taking care of a home is a never ending job. Repair, maintenance and general upkeep are among the most challenging problems that property owners face for having their own residence. This is especially true when it comes roofing. Roofs are arguably the most important part of a house. When they are damaged or become worn out they will need to be replaced or repaired. Keep reading to discover the current rooftop trends that are taking place in the housing industry today. 

Different Roofing Materials for Different Types of Homes 

In today’s roofing market, there are so many choices for homeowners to choose from. They can have fiber glass, metal, plastic, wood, asphalt, tile and slate. There are many other types of materials they can use as well. Asphalt shingles are more commonly used for homes than any other type as reported by the website Angie’s List. Asphalt shingles are durable, dependable, relatively inexpensive and they are manufactured in a wide variety of colors and styles. People also like metal and slate roofing for the same reasons, even though these materials are slightly more expensive. These roofing choices help homeowners to keep their houses in good shape without spending too much money. 

Does Your Home Have A Cool Roof? 

Some people have houses with “cooler” roofs than others. How is this possible? Well, the U.S. Department of Energy informs us that cool roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. This type of roof is suited for warm to hot climates where the weather is fairly warm for most of the year. Many homes in America’s southwest will benefit from this type of roof. So will homes that are situated in the south and in the western region of the country. Cool roofs are designed by using reflective paint that forces the light away. This in turn helps to keep homes cooler during the summer months when the heat is on. Ultimately, cool roofs reduce a home’s energy bill and it can make a room at least 10 degrees cooler which can make a huge difference to a person’s comfort when the heat is blazing outside. Any roofers cincinnati oh can place these types of shingles on a residential home for a fee. 

More Efficient Solar Roofing Materials will be Sold in 2019 

Tesla’s Solar Roof company is set to start delivering new solar roof shingles in 2019. These roofing shingles will be individualized solar panel units that will be connected to a person’s grid for providing electricity. Remember, most solar roofs use panels to generate electricity. Having independent shingles will provide people with better results for their electrical generation. Many home builders around the country are already placing their order for this new style of roofing shingle. Roofs are constantly being upgraded and made with better materials. Homeowners know that their roofs are important to their home’s environment. Roofs will ensure that houses are protected from the elements, safeguarded from intruders and that they improve the curbside appeal of a person’s private property.

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