Upgraded Roof Systems Protect Homes in Florida

There are many recent concerns about types of construction materials being used in light of some of the storms that have hit Florida over the last decade. Some of the greatest damages that have occurred have come from some of the materials used in housing construction being sub-par for the kind of storms that Florida faces each year. 

Upgrading Roofing Materials Protects Roofs and Structures 

While Hurricanes have been well known in Florida to cause some of the most widespread damage throughout the state, waterspouts, tornados, derechos, hail storms and other major storm events have been well known to cause major structural damage to many homes throughout Florida. 

The good news is that there has been a recent shift in working on ways to improve home structure quality for Floridians once a home has been damaged as well as with new construction. One of the biggest areas that gets damaged on a home as well as businesses during inclement weather such as waterspouts, tornados, derechos and hail storms are the roofs. As is widely known, roof damage can cause significant damage to other parts of a building. When a roofing system fails, many of the interior components of a home can be damaged. 

The “blue roof syndrome” named after the roof tarps occurs frequently across the state after major storms and usually affects hundreds to thousands of homes depending on the size of the storm. Homeowners as well as insurance companies have grown frustrated with the significant risks and complexity of the problem. The good news, is that changes in building code and roofing materials has given homeowners and builders a chance to change some of the systemic problems. Newer higher-grade roofing materials have been created over the last few decades that can substantially decrease the risk of roof damage in storms. 

Some of the best changes for roofing includes some of the metal roofing oldsmar fl residents have recently started to upgrade to. For roofers, the storm season can be a boost in work orders. However, most roofers would rather improve an existing roof system than have to reconstruct one for a family in crisis after a major storm. 

Understanding Upgraded Roofing Material Options 

Because the lifespan of metal roofs is far superior to the standard roofing materials, it has become one of the better choices for roofers and homeowners in the state. It is helpful for dedicated roofers to understand all the new upgraded roofing materials that are available, so they can properly advise homeowners and home builders on what their options are when they start inquiring. 

Often understanding the major benefits of higher grade roof materials is sufficient to encourage homeowners and home building contractors to use better roofing materials such as metal, tile and slate when building new homes or upgrading existing roof systems. There are countless testimonies from property owners with metal, tile and slate roofs whose home survived major storms without significant roof damage because they had installed these higher-grade materials.

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