September 26, 2023

New Homeowners Find Themselves With Pre-Existing Problems

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You’ve always wanted to own your own home since you were young. You worked hard throughout the years and made sure never to damage your credit rating. For years you saved and thought about what kind of home you would one day own and your taste in design changes as the years went by. First, you thought owning a ranch-style house would be great. Then a craftsman style house seemed ideal. You kept work and saving money and even changed jobs a couple of times and then you met someone, got married, and had children. Now you needed a house large enough for your family, and that would appeal to you.

Finally, after working hard for years and saving it was time to go house hunting, and you fell in love with a lovely Victorian style house. The house was in great condition, and it had a nice yard for your kids to play in, so you made an offer and waited to see if it was accepted. Congratulations! Your offer for the Victorian house was accepted. You moved your family in and settled down to make a home of the house that you dreamed of and finally were able to buy but unbeknownst to you something wasn’t quite right. The previous owner didn’t fix a small problem.

New Dream Home Brings Nasty Surprise

Everything seemed to be going well when you moved into your dream house. The beautiful Victorian house was well taken care of, and for a few months, nothing was out of the ordinary. When the rainy season came, you didn’t think anything of it. Then you noticed the smell emanating from your basement and found out that water is leaking into the basement. To avoid property damage and the growth of mold, there is no option but to waterproof the basement. You search online to find a contractor for basement waterproofing cincinnati oh and proceed to get your basement waterproofed.

This story above could happen to anyone and has happened to many people. Homebuyers often buy their dream home during the dry season and get a nasty surprise when the rainy season starts, and they now are financially responsible for fixing pre-existing problems that the previous owners didn’t fix. The problem might not have been so bad that the previous owner didn’t think it was worth fixing since the house was being sold, but a small leak can turn into a huge problem. A leak in the basement can cause considerable structural damage and if left untreated can promote the growth of dangerous mold. The only thing to prevent future damage to the structure of a house is to get the basement waterproofed as soon as possible. Don’t count on the previous owner to pitch in and help pay for the repair. If the leak wasn’t noticeable and the home inspector didn’t find it and informed you of it, the previous owner may claim that the leak occurred after you moved in. Save yourself future damage and get the problem fixed before a small problem becomes huge.


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