December 2, 2023

The Basement Under The House

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Basements have long been a staple in the American home and it is almost an obvious certainty that people who have basements do not have a clue as to how to water proof their spare room. The utility of a basement is usually meant for either storage, house appliances, or a guest bedroom. Yes the advantages of owning a basement are vast, but when the knowledge of basement waterproofing cincinnati oh is done either by the owner or a concrete contractor life becomes simpler and the risk of facing water damage to ones basement decreases by a long shot. In this article we will be discussing what water proofing a basement is, how a concrete contractor water proofs a basement, and the general history of a basement. 

What is water proofing? Well according to Wikipedia water proofing is the application of protecting an object or certain material from the damage water can cause when prolonged periods of contact occur. This is very true with a basement because water can easily seep through the cracks of the house at the baseline of the foundation and create mold, structure damage, and a host of other problems. It is also the law that any construction whether it be commercial or residential become waterproof from the ground level and down for the above reasons. There are a few ways the moisture of ones basement can be cleansed of its toxins and that is why knowing how to water proof a basement is so important. 

So how does a concrete contractor water proof a basement? According to documented experiences cleaning out a basement and installing the proper systems is back breaking work but it will enable ones basement to stop being so stubbornly damp and dysfunctional it will be worth the effort. The first thing a concrete contractor will do is to cover exposed areas where dust might potentially collect during the installation. The next thing they do involves breaking up the floor of the basement with a jack hammer to create a pocket for the sump pump. After putting the sump pump in the designated area they connect the piping together and cover the sump pump with concrete to mitigate the dust accumulation in the pipes that are wielded to the sump container. Another method to this madness is to look at the exterior of the house and to determine if the slope from the house down is six inches lower than the base of the home. This ensures that the law of gravity will decrease the chances of water seeping in through the cracks of ones house. 

What is the history of basements in general? Well basements were not always used as they are purposed to be utilized today. The truth is basements were actually refrigerators to store food in because of the cooler temperatures below the surface of the earth. Back in the day having a basement was rare and a sign of wealth. The extra room was used for the quarters of house servants. In the world of today they are more common because of concrete contractors.


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