February 19, 2024

Construction as the Sixth Biggest Industry in the World

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Listed on Inc 5000 as the 6th biggest and hottest industry is Construction.

In this highly modernized world, it is one of the leading industries that is globally competitive and highly lucrative. Construction is needed in big cities and small cities. The jobs vary from the smallest of needs such as filling a pot hole in the street, all the way to building a bridge over water. Construction has evolved over the years with safety standards increasing and technological advancements. What we could complete in a year a century ago we can complete now in a fraction of the time. Construction is big money and investors and business men from all over the world try their hand at one of the oldest professions. It takes skill, patience, and in most cases some capitol to start and maintain a construction company. If you’re up for the task and do succeed the rewards are breath taking. The beauty of what you and your company can build and achieve, let’s not forget the money as this is one of the most lucrative businesses to be in.

Infrastructure construction is only one type of construction. Here is an example of how many sub categories are in just 1 of the many categories of construction. There are Eight (8) types of Infrastructure Construction Projects and all of these are certainly prevalent in almost all parts of the world. These are:

Highways, Streets, and Roads. (Highways, streets, and roads including sidings which is a short railroad track connected with the main track are common types of infrastructure construction projects)


Mass Transit, Airports, and Airways

Water Supply and Resources

Waste Management and Waste Water Management

Power Generation and Transmission


Hazardous Waste Removal and Storage

The City of Des Moines IA is potentially one of the progressive States in the US with an area of 90.65 square miles (234.78 km2), of which 88.93 square miles (230.33 km2) is land and 1.73 square miles (4.48 km2) is covered by water. One of its main attractions is the junction of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers where the Fort Des Moines has been constructed where the two rivers merge. It is also where we find Wells Fargo Arena, a 16,980-seat multi-purpose arena, one of the largest in the United States. These are only a few of the massive constructions in the State to date though. There are plenty of siding Des Moines IA companies, the city is also home to quite a considerable number of commercial, residential, home repair and general contractors. If construction is what you’re looking for there’s plenty to choose from.

When construction is needed one would call a contractor. A contractor sounds a bit like what it is. This is usually a person who does not work for you or your company and you generally contract or sub contract in some cases the contractor/contractors company to perform a task. It limits liability and it also leaves the professionals to do what they do best. Contractors can be general contractors who are responsible for the materials, labor, equipment and services needed to complete the contracted task.


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