November 27, 2022

Getting A Flat Floor The First Time

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When you want to change how the floors in your home look, but you are unsure of how to install the floor, consider a material that easily fits together and that doesn’t require a lot of work. An option would be vinyl planks. This type of flooring comes in various shades and designs so that it looks like a natural hardwood floor but without the same kind of detailed care. 

Installing vinyl floors is a project to consider if you enjoy an adventure. It can be done in a day if you have the time available. However, to ensure that you have the planks properly in place, you might want to set aside a few days to prepare the surface underneath the planks and the flooring itself. If you’re unsure of how to get started, then consider contacting a vinyl plank flooring installation services Belton TX company that can come to your home to remove the old floor and install the new floor with ease. 

Before you install the vinyl, the floor that you’re working on needs to be as flat as possible. If it’s not, then you’re likely going to have bulges in the flooring that will sometimes feel like you’re walking on top of a mountain. The floor doesn’t have to be completely level as you can have slopes in the room. It simply needs to be a flat surface. You also need to ensure that the surface is clean and free of any kind of dirt or other types of debris. You can use a scraper to clean the floor to ensure that it’s flat and to ensure that everything is removed before you start preparing the surface for installation. A sander is an option to consider as well. Sometimes, you might need to apply a primer before placing vinyl planks that glue to the floor. 

Try to remove the doors in the room so that you have a clean floor that is smooth in all areas. You should also remove the baseboards in the room if possible so that the planks can fit flush against the walls. The cuts will be hidden if you can remove these details before laying the flooring. Keep in mind that any kind of flooring will expand and contract with changing temperatures. You’re going to need to have at least a minimal gap along the edges of the room to allow for this expansion and contraction. If not, then you might end up with a floor that is uneven. 

If you don’t want to bother with removing the other flooring that is in your home, then take the necessary steps to ensure that it’s flat and clean before installing the vinyl on top. Plank floors easily go over other types of tile and laminate surfaces. The only thing that you need to do is make sure you’re working on a surface that is hard instead of working on carpet. After walking on the floor, make sure there are no indentations as this would indicate that the surface below the planks isn’t flat.




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