September 26, 2023

The Best Designs for the Patio

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The patio is one of the most relaxing spaces inside a property. And it allows homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without leaving their home. The patio can be arranged in a lot of ways, but the following recommendations are the best according to professional home designers.

Larger Space for Gatherings

Most patios are small, given the limited space that can be found inside a typical property. However, some homeowners are maximizing the available space inside their properties and prefer to build a larger patio for private gatherings, like parties and receptions. The secret in maximizing the space on the patio would be using small-sized outdoor furniture pieces and placing the patio in an open area that would give the illusion that it is wide and spacious.

Make the Patio Closer to Nature

Building your patio in an area filled with trees will provide an illusion to your guest that the area where it sits is wide. You can bring chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces outside your house, and it is more preferred if you live next to the woods. Making the woods as the background for your patio would give it an illusion that it is part of the forest, making a lot of space available for someone who lives in the property.

Covered Patios with Skillion

Any skillion patios are one of the most popular types of patios. This covered patio is characterized by a slanting roof, covering the area where the chairs and tables should be. It can be built beside the property, usually near the living room. The patio can be protected from the weather, either from rain or extreme sunlight, and it also offers a cool sensation as the patio is designed to provide shading and to trap the cool breeze that blows into the property. The patios with skillion roofs are also an ideal place to hang out, complete with a barbecue stand or a private minibar.

The Balcony and Patio Combination

For those who only have limited spaces inside their property, they are transforming other areas inside the house to serve as their patio. One of the easiest ways to build a patio inside your property would be transforming the balcony area. Chairs and tables can be placed just outside the balcony, especially near a huge tree for shade. This can be a great way to spend the afternoon, as the tree could block the heat from the sun, while at the same time, providing clean air to the people who are staying below it.

Modern Patio Design

The modern patio design does not rely on the traditional set-up of a typical patio. Instead, it is up to the homeowners how they would like to design their patios. It can be filled with different technological devices and various types of lighting that would make it a cool place to chill out, especially at night. Others are also adding a twist to their indoor modern patios, like the addition of bubbling pools or artificial hot springs that would provide a different kind of experience.

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