November 27, 2022

Let The Light Shine In

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When one thinks of their home they think of walls, flooring, and furniture, however, there is one item that brings all of this into view and this is your lighting. The one thing that can put a ‘spotlight’ on a decoration or an area that needs a little pick me up is some strategically placed lights. To make sure that your installation goes as planned it is always best to hire a licensed electrician to do this.

There are many types of lighting you can choose from. There are chandelier type lighting, there are very exquisite types of lamps, and recessed lighting. The one that comes to mind that is showcased in many homes is the recessed type of lighting.

The recessed light started out in the nineteen forties, they are sometimes referred to as canister lights or a pot light. These are very energy efficient and are very unobtrusive lighting ideas. They have grown in popularity and hence manufactures have made many design changes to meet what the consumers are wanting in their lighting choices.

The most popular trim for this type of lighting is the standard baffle in black or white, the lighting gives a sharp, crisp look to an area. If you are in the Virginia area there are many electricians who can install any recessed lighting fredericksburg va to get you started. There are many types of trim styles to choose from which include cone trims, lens trim, luminous trims, wall washer trims, and adjustable trims. The location of your lighting will be dependent upon you, these can even be used under cabinets to help with lighting the often times dark area on your kitchen counter.

There have been strides in making our lighting choices more safer as well. The new recessed lighting fixtures have a safety thermal self resetting switch. A poorly installed housing can pose a fire danger. The thermal self resetting switch makes it possible to where if there is to much heat it can keep the light from overheating. The only drawback to this type of lighting is that in most cases it is a permanent fixture. 

The two types of bulbs used with these are diffused and directional. The most popular is to buy a LED bulb, however, when choosing make sure that if your recessed lighting has a dimming function that you purchase LED bulbs with this function as well. The electrician can help you with choosing the right size and fit for your type of recessed lighting fixtures. 
The popularity and growth of new architectural appealing homes has made the market for recess lighting grow exponentially. This will mean that more and more electricians will be learning the ins and outs of recessed lighting for years to come. The goal is to make where you hang your hat feel like home and weather it may be a diffused light source that makes you feel more comfortable or a spotlight on an item that you hold dear to your heart, going with recessed lighting may be the best way for you.

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