September 26, 2023

Homeowners Upgrade and Boost Home Value with Radiant Flooring

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When it comes to adding value to our homes, modernizing and updating can ensure our home achieves improved market value. Homeowners are often unaware that flooring is not only a creative way to add aesthetic appeal, but it’s an efficient way to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Energy-Saving Improvements 

It’s probably one of the most overlooked modernization’s in the home but when working with radiant heat flooring Centerville UT homeowners find that it’s an effective approach for many reasons. Flooring with radiant heat has low environmental impact, makes the home more energy efficient, and boosts market value. Basically, it provides a better distribution of heat in the home, which also improves humidity. 

Underfloor heating consists of a series of pipes or electrical resistors placed under the floor that radiate heat from the bottom up. It is a technological system used for heating in winter and for cooling in summer. 

This system, composed of thin pipes that allow water to circulate at a low temperature, diffuses heat from the bottom to the top, which ensures optimal comfort in the rooms. For this reason, it integrates perfectly with low-temperature operating systems, such as heat pumps. This combination improves thermal efficiency in the home, and thus lowers energy consumption. 

The very thin piping heats up quickly and each room can be installed with its own thermostat, which makes it easy to tune your bedroom and bathroom temperatures to a personalized comfort. 

Is It Compatible? 

Today’s modern systems and materials adapt perfectly to this type of system. It is suitable for all types of floors, from parquet to stoneware, and laminate to marble. However, it is essential that the selected material is discussed with the installer in advance to install the most suitable floor heating system. 

Obviously, there are materials that transmit more than others, for example, solid wood flooring transmits less heat than porcelain tile, and parquet flooring is a living material and therefore requires more attention when laying the heating system. 

The Advantages of Radiant Heat Flooring 

  • Uniform warmth throughout the home. The flooring is comfortable and allows homeowners to forego carpeting. 
  • Easy Installation and No Maintenance. No worry about wear and tear to your floor. The system does not require frequent maintenance, and homeowners can remain active in the home. 
  • Compatible with Green Heating. It is perfectly suited to systems that use renewable energy such as modern heat pumps and solar energy systems. 
  • If using water heating, the same system can be used for cooling and heating, which certainly keep those high summer air conditioning costs down.

This system is also particularly helpful for allergy sufferers as radiant heating floor systems do not circulate air, thus homeowners find there is less dust, which leaves the home healthier. 

Additionally, it is not necessary to dismantle the house to install it, so even if you do not intend to undertake a major renovation, installing this flooring will not intrude on your daily activities. 

Overall, a radiant heating system eliminates seasonal discomfort, reduces energy costs, and increases your home’s value.


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