September 26, 2023

How Refinished Floors Increase Property Value

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A refinished floor provides a few benefits to the homeowner. If a homeowner is trying to find a business to refinish their hardwood floors, it important to consider references, recommendations from friends and family and estimates. The estimates for completing the floors should cover materials along with the labor. It is also important to understand what services and responsibilities will be provided by the business. Warranties of the work understand if it is available. 

Benefits of Having Floors Refinished

Many homeowners may require the refinishing of their hardwood floors, and the process can help:

  • Enhances the value of a home
    • Reduce maintenance of the floor
    • Restoration of the floor

    A great benefit of hardwood refinishing cincinnati oh is adding value to the home. There are nearly 54 percent more people who are willing to pay more for a home who has refinished floors, according to the National Association of Realtors. As tempting as it may be, there are many suggestion floor refinishing can be completed as a do-it-yourself project, but it really is projected that should be left to professionals. A person would also consider refinishing their hardwood floorsbecause will reduce the maintenance cost of the floor over time. The gloss achieved by the refinishing of the floor can last a long time. By having floors refinished, it changes the look of the floor. It will help remove the scratches and other imperfections that were found on old floor. It can ultimately help reduce the risk of replacing the floor in the future.

    Finding The Professional To Complete The Job

It is important to find the business you trust completing an important job for your home. Family and friends’ recommendations will be a good place to start the search. A business or contractor recommended by a person you can trust will be very helpful, but it is important to do more research before making a decision. References must be checked, and be wary of any business who is not willing to provide references or references cannot be contacted. References will allow you see if the work completed was satisfactory to the preference of the homeowner. References also a reflection of the credibility of the company. You should understand the estimate quoted by the professional. The quote should clearly cover the labor and materials that would be used. It important to establish what services will be expected and what tasks would be considered additional cost. Warranties for the work offered should be available and clear for what it will cover. If there is any requirement for a license or permit to complete the work, you need to know if the business is responsible for obtaining the permit or does the homeowner must ensure they have the permit before work starts. There are a few things that may be considered red flags when trying to hire someone to refinish floors. When a person or contractor only wants to pay in cash, you may want to avoid hiring them. You should avoid any business who does not have the license to do complete your floors.


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