September 26, 2023

A Faulty Garage Puts Your Household At Risk

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Unfortunately, there are millions of homes that continue to become a victim of robbery or home invasion in the United States. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, between the years of 2003 to 2007, approximately more than 3.7 million households every year on average became victims of household burglaries. A household burglary can definitely be traumatizing to most family members. Many times, household burglaries occur because the criminals are after your personal belongings and your valuables. Many times, these criminals are also breaking into your home with the intent to not let anyone get in their way. Many of these criminals have nothing to lose and or even willing to go to the extreme and injure someone if they get in their way. This is why it is most important to try to prevent any of these incidents this from happening to your home by securing your home. You want to try to conduct regular inspections of your home windows, doors and especially your garage door. There have been a significant amount of studies that show how many criminals end up entering a home through a broken garage door, the front door and even a window. If you currently have a faulty garage door, you could possibly be put in your home at risk for a home invasion or burglary. Get in touch with a professional contractor in order to properly restore your garage and secure your home. 

Based on Credit Donkey, on average, there are approximately more than 1.3 million home invasions and burglaries that occur every year in America. Surprisingly, a majority of these crimes end up taking place between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 pm. Many criminals decide to take advantage of this specific time in the day because they assume that they are not going to run into anyone that may be possibly home. Many things can go wrong during a home invasion or burglary and someone can end up getting seriously injured and even possibly death can occur. This is why it is critical for households to prevent any type of crimes to happen to their home by securing their home properly. The garage door makes it very easy for criminals to get into the home by easily breaking into it and accessing the home. When you are able to have a sturdy and strong garage door, you prevent them from accessing your home due to the difficulty of breaking through. 

You want to make sure that you conduct inspections on a daily or weekly basis in order to catch any type of faulty parts to your garage door. Faulty parts can cause your garage door to weaken and even put your household at risk for someone to possibly break-in. You can take time to conduct a general search on the internet in order to find your nearest garage door repair contractor. You can also try conducting a search for some garage door repair phoenix az

A faulty garage can put your household at risk for a crime to happen. You always want to be sure that you were securing your home by conducting inspections that catch faulty parts to your doors and garage doors. Remember, your garage door is one of your first defense systems to a possible burglary or a home invasion from happening.

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