December 2, 2023

Common Garage Door Problems & How To Fix Them

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If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a garage, you’ve likely had to deal with issues surrounding your garage door. The garage door of your home isn’t simply just an access point for your vehicle, it is an access point for the entire property. When your garage door is busted, that can mean that you are going to be dealing with major issues! Fortunately, if a garage door Carlisle PA repair team is busy, you can likely diagnose potential issues all on your own. Today, we are going to showcase some of the most common problems that can manifest surrounding your garage door. 

Analyzing Your Garage Door Problems 


As we stated above, your garage door is the largest access point to your home. Not only is your garage door important for getting your car in and out of your garage, but it is also important for sealing away would-be intruders. When you realize that you have a problem with your garage door, it can be tough not to get a little bit anxious. Fortunately, the majority of garage door issues are easy enough to diagnose. Let’s go ahead and showcase a few of the most common issues that your garage door will face. 

Issues With the Photo Eye 

If you walk into your garage and look down at the base of the entrance, you should see a pair of sensors. These sensors, also known as Photo Eyes, transmit an invisible beam back and forth. When this beam is broken, your garage door will refuse to close. This is a safety mechanism that was developed in order to prevent garage doors from closing at improper and potentially dangerous times. When these Photo Eyes are out of alignment, it will cause your garage door to refuse to shut. Additionally, when these sensors are dirty or otherwise obstructed, similar issues will manifest. Take some time in order to make sure that your Photo Eyes are clean and properly aligned. 

Dead Transmitter Batteries 

Are you furiously jamming on the garage door button only to be greeted by nothing happening? Sometimes the most frustrating problems have the simplest solutions. Eventually, your garage door transmitter will face the reality of dead batteries. Try changing out the batteries in order to see if that fixes your issue. If this solves your problem, great! If not, keep on reading. 

Broken Torsion Springs 

The final problem that you might be dealing with could lead to a complete garage door replacement. If you know that your garage door is receiving power and you are sure that the Photo Eyes are properly aligned and unobstructed, you could be dealing with a spring issue. If your garage door simply refuses to go up, you might have a busted torsion spring. When these springs break, you’ll definitely hear them. Consider hiring a professional repair team to take a look at the problem. 

Dealing with a broken garage door isn’t a lot of fun. Fortunately, most of the problems you’ll face are simple to fix. If you can’t handle the repair, seek a professional repair team to take over! 


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