September 26, 2023

Can I replace my toilet seat alone?

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Why would I need to change my toilet seat?

There are times when a project presents you with such an obvious clue that it needs repair or replacement, that you just can’t miss it. For example, your toilet seat breaks off completely. But other times the clues are more subtle, and you will need to make a decision yourself. Maybe the seat is just old, and although you might be perfectly fine with this, maybe the guests in your home are not so attached to the seat in the same way you are. You have a history with this seat, you have fond memories of beating the high score on your favourite game while you sit comfortably on your throne. But if you care what others think about you, and your home is something that you care about, maybe it’s time to consider investing in a replacement toilet seat.

What kind of seat should I choose?

There is not a lot of rocket science attached to choosing the right replacement toilet seat for your home. Most toilets are a standard size, and pretty much any seat should fit your toilet. But if you are like us and want to be extra sure that one trip to the store is all it takes, you can always just measure your old seat, or take it with you. Really the most important factor is the distance between the 2 bolts. There will be a lot of choice at the hardware store, and you will find cheap options and more expensive ones. But they all serve the same function. The first decision you will face is the shape. Do you want a round shape, or do you prefer a more elongated shape? Next is the colour, you can always play it safe and go for white colour, but we would advise sticking to the colour of your toilet bowl.

Do I need to be a toilet seat technician?

There is not a lot that can go wrong if you take the plunge and decide to face this DIY task yourself. Fitting a replacement toilet seat is pretty straightforward, and the most common problem you will face, is maybe a tight bolt. An adjustable wrench and screwdriver are probably all the tools you will need. maybe some spray oil if the bolts are stuck, and a hacksaw if you are extra picky and want to trim the excess off the screws when you’re done. Simple remove the caps from the bolts, hold the screw in place with your screwdriver, and gently prise the bolts free. The replacement section is just the reverse steps. Add the new seat, insert the bolts, and your trusty screwdriver and wrench should see you to the finish.

Should I tackle this DIY task myself?

Most definitely yes. There is nothing much to this DIY task but just think of the extra satisfaction you will feel, the next time you sit on the throne that you installed yourself, Click Here.


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