September 25, 2023

Enhance Your Yard With These Three Tips

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Your home should serve as your castle, and your yard should be your paradise. Not all yards are created equal, however, and yours may need some attention. If your yard is cluttered, overrun with weeds or has bare patches, then enjoying an afternoon barbecuing or reading a book can feel like a hopeless endeavor. Hope is not lost, however, not even for the worst of lawns. Try following these three tips to breathe life back into your lawn and start enjoying it again. 

Start With a Hedge 

Nearby traffic noises and messy neighboring yards are possible frustrations you have to deal with when you’re supposed to be relaxing at home. These things can make you feel exposed, and you may not even enjoy spending time in your own yard. Reclaim your yard by planting a privacy hedge. The bushes used in privacy hedges help reduce noise from nearby traffic and create a barrier between you and any neighboring yards. The best part about these hedges is that they also look beautiful, and add to the ambiance of your home. Enjoy outdoor activities in peace and relax in the shade without worrying about your neighbors watching. 

Focus on Ground Cover 

A lush, full grass bed goes a long way to improving the look of your yard. Get rid of those bare spots in your lawn by replanting the grass. If the patches were caused by poor weather or storm damage, use a local company for lawn seeding virginia beach va. This also ensures the grass you choose will take hold in your climate. If you have a pet who caused the bare spots to begin with, fence off a special area just for them. They still get exercise, but you maintain the lawn. 

Plant a Butterfly Garden 

Give your yard a special treat and attract local wildlife with a butterfly garden. All it takes is a few choice plants, and the butterflies will be fluttering about your lawn in no time. Try plants like verbena, zinnia, and salvia, which butterflies love. Grow them near your outdoor patio so you can observe them while you relax outside. Some other features of a butterfly garden include shallow water bowls and garden features like glass orbs and mossy statues. You can tailor these features to your taste and suit the unique needs of your garden space. 

A privacy hedge not only adds more green to your yard, but it shields you from extra noise and bordering yards. A butterfly garden adds a magical touch to your afternoons by attracting butterflies. Fading color and bare patches are easily fixed with new grass seed. It may take a little bit of work, but by utilizing these three tips you can transform your yard from a patchy, unsightly lawn to a lush haven. Take creative control of your yard and design it to suit your needs as you plant your garden and arrange your furniture. In no time, your yard can become your new favorite hangout, and you can enjoy it year-round.


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