June 3, 2023

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover in 2019

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Are you looking to refresh the look of your kitchen? Many new innovative designs are prevailing in 2019. Whether you want to remodel or touch up kitchen surfaces, stepping out of your comfort zone opens you up to stunning inspirations. You can use the new crop of design trends to transform your kitchen into something beautiful. Since the kitchen is the heart of many homes, investing in decorating it helps you achieve a space where you can relax and bond with guests and family. Homeowners do so much more than cooking in the kitchen. A well thought out kitchen is inviting and comfortable.

1. Countertops

Countertops make the better part of the kitchen. You are bound to touch them, whether you are remodelling or giving the kitchen a facelift. Even though keeping everything matching gives the kitchen a clean look, it tends to be mundane and repetitive. Consider using different countertop treatments in different areas. You can use granite and quartz to give the kitchen area depth and intrigue.

2. Cabinets

Redoing the surface of your cabinets are enough to have them looking brand new. Consider exploring two-tone cabinet designs to match your countertops. For base units, you can go for a darker shade that contrasts the lighter shade of wall cabinet units. This combination not only gives you an easy time maintaining cleanliness but also makes your kitchen look more spacious. Mixing two different cabinet tones is an amazing idea as it makes your kitchen feel a bit lighter.

3. Furniture

Not many people think of incorporating furniture in their kitchens. But doing so ensures your kitchen is welcoming and stimulating. Consider setting aside a comfortable sitting area where you can spend time with friends and family. You no longer have to bump into each other in the kitchen because there is no place to sit.
Based on the space you have, you can explore new bar seating options around the island. Aside from seating areas, you can also add a chest of drawers and tables. These are not only a lovely home addition but also additional storage space.

4. Lighting

When it comes to kitchen lighting, there is a wide variety of options you can explore. For well-lit countertops, consider using spotlights below the cupboards. Alternative lighting solutions help you achieve a unique vibe that keeps your kitchen warm and lovely.

5. Kitchen Rugs

Most people leave out rugs when remodelling or touching up the kitchen since they tend to be challenging to maintain. A good idea is using outdoor carpet rugs that are designed to be easy to clean. Working with a credible Kitchen Makeover Company allows you to get suitable recommendations from professionals. Carpet rugs bring your kitchen décor to life.


Kitchen décor is an exciting field, especially if you are open to new ideas and designs. Working with a professional Kitchen Makeover Company ensures you work with high-quality materials.


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