September 26, 2023

Using Key Cards In Your Business

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The latest trend in locks today is using key cards to lock and unlock doors. Since this new technology was released, many businesses and even some homes have installed them. They are easy to use and you are able to monitor all of the activity at each of the doors at your place of business. Using key cards in hotels and motels has become the way most of them are operating today. The cards are disposable after each use and replacing the cards is much cheaper than having new keys made. Many of these companies have found that they have reduced their expenses in this area significantly since changing over to key cards. 

How A Key Card System Works 

When you contact a company that manufactures these cards, they will inform you of the different levels of service that is available with them. Look up any card key systems denver co. and many names will come up that you can look at for more information on the different levels. The basic system will include the software that you need to have installed and a machine that imprints the necessary information on the card itself along with a supply of cards. The software is easy to use and your staff can be trained to use it quickly. On the software, there are many options that you can choose from. These options are what will be imprinted on the card when you make it. In the case of a hotel or motel room, you can include the name, address and room number of the person staying there. There is other information you can put in and the choice of what you want is yours. Once you have input that information into the software system, you can then use the machine to imprint the card. 

Switching Over To A Card Key System 

The initial price you pay for the system will include all of the items above and possibly a support contract with the software manufacturer. Once you have made the initial purchase, the only follow up cost you will have is for the replacement of the key cards themselves. You can buy them in bulk which will save you quite a bit of money. The manufacturer will supply you all of the necessary documentation that goes with the system and will provide the training for your staff. They can also install the software into your computer system for you. Updates and upgrades to the system are typically included in the purchase price for a limited time. 

Many people today have found that using these key card systems are much easier than carrying around extra keys in their pockets. One advantage that you will have using this system is the ability to see who is coming and going from your business. If you ever have had a problem with break ins, if a key card is used, you will know exactly who it was that entered. This is a much better way of knowing what is going on.

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