February 5, 2023

A Guide to Furniture Styles And How to Recognize Them

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Furniture comes in a wider berth of styles than most people are aware of. The problem is such styles are so close in comparison it is hard to tell one genre from another. If you are taking on the daunting task of interior decoration than furniture is an important aspect. So here is a guide to aid you in finding the ideal style for your living space.


The vintage style is a time machine that takes a space back to bygone era. The furniture that fits into this style is identified as between twenty to one hundred years old. Such furniture can be easily recognized for the era it represents. The sytle of the sixties is very different from the one found in the seventies, and eighties style is unmistakable. So if you are going for a nostalgic feel finding vintage pieces from the era you want to represent is the way to go.


If you are looking for some contemporary furniture Miami FL, then you are looking for the furniture of the here and now. Contemporary styles focus on what is popular and trending. The furniture that is used for such style is new and from the era you currently live in. It is also a more practical style. Contemporary furniture pieces utilize modern technology, can focus on comfort, and can also be overly artistic. It is a wide margin. Contemporary definitely pays more attention to how the space will be used. Often times creating areas the optimize comfort over appearance.


Rustic styles are all about warmth and honesty. This is style that utilizes leather, wood, fur, and in some cases animal heads. Rustic furniture is supposed to carry an overall “lived-in” look. It is a relaxed style designed to feel comfortable. If you are planning for a rustic look industrial furniture is a great choice. It has a very simplistic but rough look that compliments the rustic style well.


Retro furniture is the furniture of the recent past. Recent being just last decade. Retro furniture can go all the way back to the eighties as that particular era can both suit a retro style and a vintage style. Retro style adheres to a modern theme, but separates itself from being a fully modern style by representing fashions that are no longer fashionable. So if you find a furniture piece that was all the rage last year but is no longer in style you have found the retro style. 

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is another style that takes a long time to explain. Like retro it is a very convoluted style because it closely represents the French Provincial style. What makes Shabby Chic different is that it is shabby. Like the French style the furniture is romantic and feminine in its appearance, but the pieces are distressed to simulate wear. This is because Shabby Chic is the style found in the French countryside of the 18th Century while French Provincial is what you would find in the city.


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