November 27, 2022

A Refrigerator Repair or Replacement?

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Understanding what the issue is should be your first step in the process. Unplugging the device, unloading it and then checking a few standard items is par for the course. Lines, basic electronics and such can be ruled out this way. While you might not be able to fully diagnose your issue, it would be really embarrassing to have the issue be a line that was visibly in trouble and you didn’t even check the basics first to discover it and inform the repair man. Also, you might have been able to guide him into a quicker repair and save yourself a little money in the process if you had known about that bad line. 

Most Refrigerators Can Be Repaired

Most of time repairs will be your most cost-effective option. Consumers with older models (i.e. the parts are no longer common,) might find themselves opting for a replacement. Keep in mind that if your fridge is a storage chest, or side by side, it should be repairable for the better part of a decade. Built ins are considered repairable for life. Over seven years is the standard. There is an exception to this standard. Unfortunately, this exception meets the design specifications of many commonly seen consumer models; the top freezer. Sadly, many people googling, “refrigerator repair toms river nj,” own this type of refrigerator. 

What Is the Deal with the Top Freezer Models? 

Top freezer models will likely require replacement prior to the seven-year standard. This is a commonly accepted fact among those that repair appliances. Many consumers say that their top freezer model only lasted them for a period of time that was under five years! If you have a top freezer model, then you very well could be looking at an outright replacement! 

Remember When We Mentioned Built in Models Earlier? 

Remember when we brought up those built in refrigerator models a little earlier? There’s also a very important consideration to make when dealing with these models. You should always opt for a repair when dealing with a build in model! Replacements are far too expensive and difficult to carry out in many cases. It is almost always more economical to repair a built-in model than attempting to replace it. 

If You Do Require a Replacement, Consider Warranties This Time! 

If you do require a new refrigerator, keep warranties in mind. Stay away from the top freezer models and always stay concerned over the level of warranties offered. If you require a few repairs in the future, it would be nice to have the tab be on the manufacturer wouldn’t it? Some warranties will actually replace the refrigerator outright while it is sent back to be refurbished and sold as used. It is very difficult to lose with such a warranty. This is true no matter what part breaks. No repair can match a replacement, this is for certain. Try and make sure that your replacements are covered by the manufacturer!

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