August 12, 2022

Discovering Natural Stone Products

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When we stop to think of natural stone products used in our homes, our minds no doubt automatically go to granite or sandstone, with good reason. These popular type of natural stone products are highly desired decorative accents to any home. ?Not only do these add beauty but they are good for the environment since these are mined from the earth, they are considered green products. True granite and sandstone are popular and one of the main places where they are mined in the United States is Colorado which has several mineral queries in the state. However, natural stone products Denver Co or any other part of this large state is just one part of the overall production of natural stone products in the United States alone, not to mention the rest of the world. So let’s take time to look at some of the other natural stone products being mined and used to give homes a natural beauty all their own. 

Other Stone Materials Used in Homes 

As said above granite and sandstone are only a few of the numerous types of natural stone used by contractors in building a home that is more environmentally friendly. The earth has supplied us with many beautiful mineral deposits that add beauty to any decor. Here are some other amazing natural stone products that maybe you might not be too familiar with but perhaps have seen along the way. 

Bluestone: Found only in the Pennsylvania and part of New Jersey along with New York, this natural mineral is similar to sandstone but has unique qualities all its own. Bluestone has a layered type effect that gives it a beauty all its own along with a blue-gray color. Flagstone: Another form of sandstone that is compiled by a mixture of quartz and feldspar. This natural stone has hues of red, brown and gold. It can make a beautiful accent and because it is strong enough to take all weather conditions is ideal for use outdoors for say a patio area. Quarzite: Mined primarily in Idaho and Utah this natural mineral which has been referred to as quartz as well, makes for another fine home accent. The natural beauty of the stone comes in colors such as gold, grey, and white. 

Montana Chief Cliff 

Mined in Montana this stone comes in different types of veneers that can be used for different purposes. For example, the brick version can be used outdoors for a wall around the home or on the exterior of the home itself. These can also be used for fireplaces and accent walls inside the home. 

Other Natural Stone Products 

Despite going into some of the natural stone products available today, we have only skimmed the surface. Yes, there could be an argument that natural stone is more costly but it is certainly worth the investment. Because natural stone products come from the earth these tend to be more durable, and if properly maintained can last for years to come, so, in the end, the investment would certainly be worth it.


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