August 12, 2022

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cooler

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As the summer draws near, you may be worried about your energy bill. Air conditioning can take its toll when it’s left on all day. For many families, the summer season is a time where they have to budget their money. There is often less work as offices go into summer hours and teachers are on break. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort for your budget, however. For families who want to sit comfortably in a cool environment without emptying out their wallet, this article is for you. This article will discuss a few different methods that you can utilize to keep your home cool during the hot heat of summer. 

1. Blinds

Sometimes all you may need to keep your home cooler during the summer season is a good set of custom blinds brisbane. The logic isn’t that difficult to follow. Your house typically becomes warm because the sun is constantly shining in through the windows. Those rays carry heat within them. The longer they shine into your home the more heat they are delivering. You need to block out the sun. Custom blinds are an excellent method for doing just that. Because they’re custom, they can fit perfectly over your window. Blinds which are not custom and are simply one-size-fits-all typically don’t actually fit your window perfectly. Even those tiny beams of light can be enough to add a few degrees into your home. Instead, have a set of custom blinds made for your home. Not only will it keep your home cool but it will also ensure that your furniture, carpet, and other materials won’t be bleached out due to long exposure to the sun. 

2. Keep AC At Same Temperature

You may be tempted to turn the temperature up on your thermostat whenever you leave the home. This is an unwise decision. You don’t actually save any money by turning the AC up when you’re gone. This is because, when you return home, you simply kick it back to the desired temperature. As a result, the AC has to work extra hard to reach that temperature and will typically stay on longer. Any savings that you might have made by turning the temperature up is lost because of that need for a longer time to keep the area cool. Instead, you should just keep the temperature the exact same throughout the day. 

3. Open Windows

Opening your windows to the heat outside may some counterproductive. However, it works. The secret is discovering which windows to actually open. Instead of opening all of your windows to let in the breeze, you only need to open a window on each end of the house. This can create a cross breeze. To further help remove heat from the air, you should have your ceiling fans set to counter-clockwise. This will suck the heat away from the air and out of the home. Breezes can keep you cool.

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