February 19, 2024

Know When to Make Improvements to Your Home

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It was to my great surprise when water came rushing in last time it rained. I’ve never known our roof to leak, but that was my first suspicion. We had a guy come out to look over the roof, and he even started doing work on the roof. He had plenty of the tiles pulled up from our house, and he claimed there might be some old wood that was causing the roof to sag. He thought that was causing the leak, but it wasn’t a roofing problem at all. I wish I would have taken a closer look to where the water was coming in. 

If we would have remained calm when the leaking started in our bedroom, we might have been able to save a fortune on the cost of the repairs. It took a considerable amount of money to pay the roofer to replace the old wood, and it didn’t stop the leaking coming in. After the next heavy rain, the leaking started again. The water formed puddles on my bedroom floor. I had no idea that it was coming from the upstairs bedroom. The windows upstairs had been the culprit the entire time. 

We had to get a new company to come out to fix the windows. The guy who did our roof wanted to charge us to fix the windows, but I didn’t like his work. We hired a company that we felt we could trust for any window replacement Colorado Springs Co. They had our new windows installed right away, and the leaking has completely stopped. No longer do I have to wake up to go to work only to find a puddle of water in my way. That slowed me down, and it was upsetting to see how my home was leaking. 

Now, we have these brand new windows installed with a special flashing to keep the moisture out. The flashing is made of a rubber, which protects against mold build up, as well. We’ve never been happier; the old windows were harder to see through. Now, we can see out to our backyard, and it looks simply charming from every angle. It’s a good thing we got the rotten wood taken care of, but I really wish we would have started with getting these windows replaced right away. 

Next time I go to buy a home, I’ll be sure to have the home inspector take a look around the property for mold issues, and I’ll have the inspector give an opinion on the windows also. This problem could have been avoided. Mold is bad for your health, so make sure to look out for it when you are inspecting your own premises. 

We’ve taken the time to clean up the upstairs bedroom after the window repairs have been completed. We’re considering getting all the windows in the home replaced because we’re very happy with the good job this company did. I’ve already recommended their services to my neighbors when they need new windows.


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