October 15, 2021

Why You Should Install Rain Chains Instead of Gutters

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Many homes have gutters, which are used to deal with the rain that falls on top of the house on rainy days. However, you don’t actually have to install gutters on your home at all. Instead, you can use copper rain chains. They’re a better choice than gutters for the reasons below. 

They Still Get the Job Done 

First of all, you might be nervous about opting out of gutters because you might be aware of how standing water on top of your roof can negatively affect your home. As you probably already realize, if this water isn’t handled properly, then there is the chance that you will have a leaky roof to deal with. Additionally, if water runoff isn’t handled as it should be, it can eventually lead to foundation damage. 

Just because you opt out of gutters does not mean that you can’t handle the water runoff properly, though. Rain chains are great for doing this. When you choose the right rain chains and install them the right way, you can help make sure that water runoff is handled as it’s supposed to be. 

They Look Nicer 

Gutters might be useful, but many people don’t really love the way that they look. Of course, if you have new gutters installed and make sure that they’re installed properly, they can look neat and tidy. They still aren’t usually very aesthetically pleasing, though. If you want your home to look its best, you might not like the way that gutters can take away from your home’s look. 

They’re Sometimes Cheaper 

Gutters have to be installed around the entire perimeter of your home’s roof in order to be effective. If you have a smaller house, then this shouldn’t be a big job and shouldn’t be too expensive. If you have a bigger home, however, the cost of installing gutters can really add up. 

Even though rain chains are decorative and might seem like they would be more expensive than gutters, this might not be the case. Many rain chains are affordable. Since you will not have to worry about buying gutters to install around the entire perimeter of your roof, this can be a little cheaper. 

They Create a Nice Sound 

Lastly, think about the sound that you can enjoy each time that it rains if you install rain chains. If you have never enjoyed the sound that comes from rain chains during a rain storm, then you’re in for a nice treat. Many people find the sound to be incredibly soothing and relaxing, which can be a wonderful thing to experience on an otherwise dreary and rainy day. 

Even though most of the houses in your neighborhood might have gutters, and even though you might have always considered gutters to be the primary option for dealing with water runoff from your home, there are alternatives. For example, you may want to check out rain chains. Once you do, you might want to install them on your own home.


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