November 22, 2022

Exterior House Painting Information You Can Use

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Exterior house painting revives a home that has seen its better days. Paint fades as the sun shines down brightly and as it ages. A slew of other factors can also cause the paint to look less-than-impressive. A fresh coat of latex paint enhances the mood and the vibe of the entire property and allows a homeowner to express their personality and enhance the look of the neighborhood. Painting the home’s exterior is ideal whenever you want to renew the look of the home, before selling the property, after weather-related damage -any time you want to update your look is a good time to call a painter Richmond VA

House Painting Benefits 

When a fresh coat of paint is added to the home’s exterior, it instantly revives an old, outdated look and gives back the appeal and ambiance the home deserves. Paint resolves damage to the exterior that’s been caused by weather-related damages or even careless acts. Painting the home increases the property value, something very important for anyone selling their home in the near future. Furthermore, house painting enables you to love your home more than you do already. It’s easy to change the look of the property or enhance the current decor with a simple stroke of the paintbrush. 

How Long Will it Take to Paint My House? 

The amount of time necessary to paint your home depends on the size of the home, the painting company’s schedule, and of course, weather. When all factors are cooperating together, most paint jobs are completed within just a few days. When you request an estimate from a painting contractor, discuss the expected length of time to complete the project before making any commitments. Keep in mind that weather and other factors are out of the control of the painters and unanticipated problems can and will occur that cause the project to take longer than expected to finish! 

Cost of Exterior House Painting 

Many factors impact the costs of exterior house painting, including the type of paint chosen, the color paint chosen, size of the property that is being painted, necessary repairs, etc. On average, an exterior paint job costs between $1,450 – $4,050. Free estimates are available to help you learn the exact costs of the service before work begins. There are also several ways to reduce the costs of exterior paint service. Choose your paint brands and colors wisely, take advantage of rebates and special offers, and put in a little DIY work if you’d like to save money on exterior paint service. 

How Long Will My Exterior Paint Last? 

It’s understandable to wonder the life expectancy you should anticipate after painting the home’s exterior. You want to know that the money that is being spent to update the exterior is worth the costs, after all. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, however, because there are quite a few factors that determine how long the paint job will last. The materials your home is constructed from, the type and brand of paint chosen, and how well you care for the property are among the factors that impact the lifetime of the paint.


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