June 13, 2021

How to Renovate a Large Open Plan Kitchen on a Budget

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The kitchen is usually the feeling of the entire home and if it is large and open the better. For that reason, careful planning is needed to make sure the kitchen is both attractive and functional too. Due to its importance in your everyday life, you should consider some kitchen makeover to keep it appealing and up to date.

Here are some tips that can help to make your kitchen appealing on a budget.

Paint your cabinets and the walls

If you have old cabinets, repaint them since it is less costly than purchasing new ones. If your kitchen is a new one, don’t use weird colours that will make your kitchen look odd. Smart cabinets refresh the look of your whole kitchen. Make sure the style of your cabinetry, colour as well as detailing is modern. Also change the knobs and the pulls of the cabinets since they can actually change the appearance of your cabinets. A lighter colour on the cabinets and the walls brightens your kitchen. When light colours reflect, it makes the kitchen look more appealing. You can decide to do this on your own as is a simple process hiring someone to do the painting means you have to incur some cost yet you are renovating on a budget.

Add a backsplash

Backsplashes can be modified and this will depend on the colour of your kitchen. It is as simple as purchasing tiles at your local home improvement store. Then use caulk and grout to fix them in the style or the design that you desire. It is a quick project that you can even do it yourself. It will notably improve the appearance of your kitchen. A new splash back is a reasonably priced method of giving your kitchen a new and an attractive appearance. Go for a bright coloured splash back or take one with an attractive pattern to create a bold statement.

Change you lighting.
Your kitchen is most likely to have fluorescent or overhead hanging lighting fixtures though this depends with the age of your kitchen. To make your kitchen more appealing, replace those fixtures with recessed options lighting. The recessed ones are not expensive and are easy to fix. Recessed lighting might be costly though it will depend on your electrical wiring since the installation might need an electrician. Beautiful lighting will improve the appearance of your kitchen in no time. It will make a big difference to your kitchen.

Replace the faucet.

Replacing the faucet is a very easy, uncomplicated way to make your kitchen more appealing. Faucets can be pretty expensive but in fact, anybody can do it! Consider about energy-efficient options such as low-flow faucets and modifiable, restaurant-style assortment for cooks. The faucet lessens counter clutter by allowing you to keep away from that carbonation appliance.

Add more storage.

If you have got more things than space, there are two options available. The first option is to de clutter, and this will free up a lot of space. The second available option is to add more storage options such as hanging racks, cabinet organizers and open shelves all this you can be creative and make them or get them for cheap prices. This will help you to store the essentials other than getting new cabinets that will need to be installed at a cost.

If you are in love with the most modern kitchen design styles, appliances as well as designs, there are numerous available favourites that you can bring into your kitchen. You need to cut cost on your kitchen makeover but get an appealing large open kitchen.


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