September 22, 2021

The Many Uses for Hanging Terrariums

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Hanging terrariums come in several sizes, shapes, and materials. Hanging spheres are the most common type of hanging terrarium. You can find them anywhere. There are several locations to find these such as hobby stores, florists, in just about any online store and craft stores. The type to purchase depends on what you are making. Hanging glass spheres are readily available in all varieties of color and design. Once you know what you are making it is easy to find what works best for your design. Clear glass goes with any decor and shows off the project. However, colorful designs will accent any decorative idea. Using clear glass, however, allows light into the plants and better visibility. Using a colorful plant, on the other hand, will work better than a colored glass sphere so that the plant will be showcased not the hanging sphere. 

Choosing an item to go in the terrarium is also a variable and can depend on what you are deciding to create. Succulents are a good choice as they do not need a great deal of water or care. Lighting is a good option in a glass sphere. Adding candles or battery-operated candles is a great showpiece for ambient lighting. Using the spheres as a bud vase is also a great idea for weddings and parties. Depending on the size you want to create, you will be able to use them for party favors as well. A fairy garden is another cute and inventive idea for a hanging glass sphere. Adding a little house and some decorative items will make a whimsical setting as well. Using air plants in this situation will eliminate the need for water. Plants that require water might ruin the rest of the setting. Air plants need a simple misting every week or so. Some air plants to consider are Spanish Moss, Pink Quill, small ball moss and Tillandsia capitate are the most commonly used in a terrarium setting. 

Pricing is a consideration when determining what kind of project. If you are going to make presents or party favors, then smaller items will be the best option for purchasing something to give away. If it is something that will be a centerpiece or something larger and or a gift, then finding a larger sphere is recommended. Prices will range from $5.00 up to $30.00. Depending on where you find them and what size they are. Types of succulents to choose are jade plants, Fascinated Haworth, viper’s bowstring, Aloe Vera, and tiger tooth alone. There are many others to choose from, but these are some of the recommended ones available on the market. A florist will be better suited to match your planting needs for a terrarium setting. 

In conclusion, buying hanging spheres for a terrarium project is an excellent gift or project to undertake. Easy assembly and easy care. Adding the lighting as we mentioned also adds drama and an ambient setting. Adding a color by using flowering succulents is another way to liven up the terrarium.


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