October 17, 2021

The Most Important Elements of a Bathroom

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A robust bathroom design should not only look attractive but also give you a lead. It is one of the things that make your visitors rate you highly. Nonetheless, a bathroom can additionally be a source shame and embarrassment to you. This is why you need to consider all the important elements for your bathroom to fit perfectly with your design.

  1. A Great Layout
    A stylish layout is an integral part in giving your bathroom a perfect design. A great layout makes your bathroom function cohesively and practically.
    When designing your bathroom layout, you have to bear in mind the number of people who will use it. How should the space flow? How can I work with the available features to maximize the floor space?
    What kind of ambience do you want and how do you go about it? Positioning your fixtures rightly makes your bathroom more attractive.
  2. Mirrors
    Having the right bathroom mirrors adds décor and maximises the available space and makes it more functional.
    Often, mirrors are positioned above the vanity and basin. When placing it, bear in mind all the users of the washroom and ensure it’s accessible to everyone. A large mirror makes your bathroom look bigger and reflects more light.
    Nevertheless, the style you choose – round, square, or rectangular- depends on the décor style and your taste. But it shouldn’t occupy much space.
  3. Towel Hooks
    When in the bathroom, your towel should always be within easy reach. Therefore, you need to either have a towel hook near your shower or racks if they’re more practical.
    A heated towel rail will add more warm and luxury in your bathroom. Remember to choose a colour and design that matches your space while adding that attractive finish to your bathroom design.
  4. Tiles
    Tile type plays a great role in the overall appearance of your washroom. Since there are numerous designs available in the market, choosing the perfect tile might be a challenge.
    Consider the effect you desire to create. Do you prefer a minimalist or streamlined look throughout? Do you need a varying colours for your floor and walls? Do you want a textured or a smooth finish?
    To have a great looking bathroom, go for larger tiles. Larger tiles create fewer dividing lines. Also, use the same size for walls and floor.
  5. Taps
    Taps are among the most important elements of a bathroom. Express your taste in your washroom by choosing your favourite design and colour. You may select a black tap to contrast your white bathroom walls.
    Your soft close toilet seat is another factor that will determine your tap choice. Ensure all taps are easy to turn on and off, especially if children and senior citizens will use them.
  6. Ventilation
    As we conclude, remember that your bathroom needs good ventilation. This is paramount for your bathroom hygiene and safety. Ventilation keeps your soft close toilet seat free of mould and bacteria build-up. Proper ventilation additionally eases cleaning, bring in fresh air, and reduces steam. Should you encounter any challenge choosing the perfect elements consult an expert.


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