November 30, 2023

TIPS For Hiring An HVAC Contractor

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Investing in Real Estate can be pretty rewarding over a long period of time, but many first-time investors have lost money early on for not choosing the right contractor. Building good relationships with contractors is extremely important, and it sets the foundation for lots of money being made on both ends. When deciding on choosing contractors for getting a home up and running there are a few things that I think are important to consider. 

When considering hiring any type of contractor I like to follow the days old mantra “If you knew better, you’d do better”. What I’m saying is that seeking reference from local investors, family members, and friends will likely point you in the right direction for choosing an HVAC contractor. If you are not able to get direct referrals, your next best option would be to read reviews by googling phrases specific to what you are looking for. You are likely to find the best option by searching the specific job and location, like furnace installation freehold nj. Try searching business on the Better Business Bureau website, and they are normally able to provide the consumers with an unbiased, reliable list of ratings. 

According to the Forbes List article “Six Tips For Hiring The Right Contractors“, one of the biggest things to avoid doing is trying to be cheap and cut corners. It’s always a fun thought to save money on a job and maybe save thousands of dollars, but it isn’t fun when your contractors make a mistake and they aren’t a large enough company to deal with the expenses to cover that mistake. It certainly isn’t fun to be fined by the state or to have your project shut down for hiring unlicensed workers. I’ve seen it happen many times, and sometimes you just have to spend a little bit more money for that piece of mind in knowing that your hard earned money won’t go to waste. 

Another thing that is important to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor is whether they are licensed and insured to do the work. This kind of ties into the advise of avoiding the ‘cheap route’, but you really want to make sure you have all your corners covered. Ask your contractor to show you their certifications and licenses that permit them to do work on your property. Contractors who are licensed to do the work are usually a lot easier to work with because having to many complaints could cause them to lose their license and so they usually do everything in their power to prevent an issue from getting to that point. It’s be smart to check for workers compensation insurance in the event that any of the workers are injured while doing work on your property. 

The last bit of advice, a tip that I find very useful, is to get at least 3 different bids on a project from different contractors. Though you don’t want to be “Super Cheap”, you want to get the best deal for what you are getting. Take the time and make a calculated decision based on customer ratings, and finding a quality company with all licenses and certification for a decent price.

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