December 2, 2023

Is There A Mouse In Your House?

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While mice may be cute to many, they are still a pest that can cause a lot of problems to your home and family if they are not addressed. By the time you notice that you have mice in your home and call a pest control greenville nc expert the problem may have gotten much worse than you may have expected. This is why it is important to make sure to take a pro-active approach and start looking for signs before you start seeing the critter scurrying around your house. 

They Leave A Lot Of Droppings 

Even if you are not seeing actual mice running around your floors, you may be able to find what they have left behind. While their droppings may be small, there are a lot of them and it’s important to make sure that you clean them up before they can cause health problems. Unfortunately, if you do not get rid of the source of the droppings, it will just continue and get worse. Some of the places that you should check for droppings include cabinets, closets, and floorboards. Mice tend to leave droppings in dark places that don’t get a lot of foot traffic which is why they sometimes go unnoticed. 

They Leave Marks On Your Walls 

When mice build homes within your walls, they will also need places to enter and exit. While the holes that larger rodents leave tend to be jagged, the holes left by mice tend to be smaller, between the size of a dime and a quarter, and smooth around the edges. They are generally left around the edges of walls around the floorboards. Along with the holes, they will also leave other marks such as scrapes and scratches around the same areas that they travel. These marks are left from their sharp, small claws and the dirt that they are tracking around your home. If you are looking for where the main source of the infestation is, tracking these marks is a good place to start and also where you should consider laying traps down while you are waiting for a professional from pest control to treat the problem permanently. 

Prevention Is Important 

Just like all pest problems, prevention is the best way to approach it. With mice, even if you do not see any in your home, you should still consider setting traps in different areas of your home. Not only will this help by getting rid of some of the critters that make their way inside, but it will also be a warning that you need to have a problem treated if you see that the trap has been activated. You will need to safeguard your home from the outside to prevent them from being able to get into your home. A clean house does not mean a mouse-free house and it’s important to remember that having a mouse infestation does not mean that you are not taking care of your home properly.

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