September 26, 2023

How To Select Plumbers And The Ways They Can Help You

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Water seems like such a docile item, it just sits on the ground and eventually goes away. Try telling that to anyone that has found their water flowing from a leak or several inches of water in their basement, and they just might disagree with you. Frequently home owners don’t think of plumbers until they need one for an emergency purpose. The truth is that plumbers can be a strong asset for homeowners long before a flood occurs if you know the questions to ask. Living near many natural waterways, plumbers Annapolis MD residents find can be very helpful when purchasing or designing a home. 

Inspecting The Home Before Purchasing It 

When purchasing a home, a home inspection is almost always required, especially if it is being financed. Even if you are purchasing from a friend or relative, it is essential to protect yourself. If you are not financing the purchase, a home inspection will still protect you from large financial losses due to any flaws, especially in the plumbing. 

Sometimes a home inspection is just not enough though. If you see areas of concern, but the home passes inspection, you have additional options. Hiring a private plumber to do an inspection will help you know what questions to raise before going to settlement. The inspection can be done by your plumber before or after the home inspection. Even if the issues your plumber finds are minor, it will give you negotiating topics in an attempt to get the seller to reduce the price. In this way, hiring a plumber can save you multiples of the expense you pay that plumber off your final home price. 

Selecting The Plumber For Your Job 

Even if you are not purchasing a home, it’s a good idea to have a relationship with a professional plumber long before you need one. Hiring a plumber when you have an emergency can be quite expensive. If you already have a relationship with one and he knows you can be counted on for repeat business, he may reduce fees he charges for emergency services. This is just one of the questions you should ask a plumber before choosing him as your regular plumber. 

When interviewing the plumber, ask about the hours that he is willing to come out for emergencies. Find out if it will be him, employees of his company, or there is a possibility that he subcontracts jobs he agrees to complete. If you wish for him to be the one that completes your repairs, have this dictated in your contract. Ask him about his supply sources as well, so you can determine if supply delays are likely. 

These are all questions that many people don’t think of asking until they have an emergency. Even having him do periodic preventive inspections in your home will help develop that relationship. Developing your relationship with a plumber might cost money to begin with, but in the end the savings that you receive long term are worth it.


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