May 6, 2021

How To See If Your Roof Should Be Repaired Or Replaced

Loose shingles on your roof are a clear sign that you need to have some repairs done. However, you need to see if you can learn how to manage the space in a way that teaches you the little signs that come up when your roof is not in good condition. The majority of people can use these tips to make their roofs much nicer, and you can call on a contractor when you realize you need help. 

Loose Shingles 

A roofing contractor Gig Harbor WA is someone who can fix your loose shingles in seconds, but they are very aware of the underlying problems that you might have. You need to see if the shingle are really loose or just out of place. Loose shingles are a very simple thing to repair, but shingles that have let in a lot of debris wand water could have even worse problems going on underneath. 

Torn Flashing 

The flashing on the roof is anything that abuts a corner. This is like a metal sheet that is very pliable, and it must be in place. Any flashing that has been torn away from the roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible because more water and moisture can leak through that gap. This is especially important around the chimney because you can have even worse leaks around the chimney if you are not careful. 


Your chimney is not technically a part of your roof, but it can have a huge impact on your roof because the bricks are touching the roof. This is a place where the flash should be used, and you need to be certain that the roof is in good repair around the chimney. If the chimney has any defects at all, it will put a lot of pressure on the rest of the roof. 

The Slope 

The slope of the roof is something that you need to have checked because some of the more Streep roofs could bow really easily. You do not want to see your roof start falling apart because you did not have these sections checked, and you also need to be sure that you have come up with a plan for repairing the roof if any of this damage is found. You will keep the roof in better repair for years to come, and you will avoid spending so much money on the roof in the future. 

The Ridge Vent 

You could have a ridge vent installed at any time, and that will help to ventilate the attic so that it does not get so hot. This is healthy for the roof, and it helps you make the best possible use of the attic. You could create an attic apartment if you wanted to, and you also need to be sure that you have that vent checked often so that it does not get clogged.


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