February 19, 2024

Is A Metal Roof What You’re Looking For Your Home?

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 Metal roofs may not be the most commonly installed roofs, but there are some homes that may be in better shape in the long run by having a metal roof installed. The criticism that metal roofing has often received is that it’s usually not as aesthetically appealing as traditional asphalt shingle roofing, although with newer fabricating technology metal roofing panels can be shaped to look more appealing in more urban or suburban neighborhoods. When deciding to go with a metal roof, there’s a lot of different metal types you could go with that each have benefits and drawbacks, and whether you should hire a contractor or go a DIY metal roofing Florida route is another consideration. But here are a couple things to know about metal roofing.

Strength And Energy Efficiency In Metal Roofing

Some of the main benefits for metal roofing that appeal to homeowners are having more durability and decreasing energy costs as stated by HomeTips.com. As explained by the article, metal roofing is also much lighter, and if the home is ever going to be renovated with a new roof, metal roofing panels can be recycled. Even better is that metal roofing slippery surfaces can ensure rain doesn’t seep into it if installed correctly, and since most metals will reflect sunlight off of them, your home will be able to stay cooler easier and run the air conditioner less. But among a few drawbacks is that metal roofing will be more expensive per square foot than asphalt, and while it can shield a home from fire danger from the outside, there are a few risks for fires from the inside that come with it.

What Installing Metal Roofing Is Like

Installing metal roofing involves a matter of using several materials that seal the underside of the metal panels and insulate the attic. As the DIY Network explains, one common installation method is to place wood decking boards down first and then follow that with a layer of felt, insulation, and then usually one more layer of felt and OSB plywood before the panels are laid down. It’s usually ideal to have the panels installed from the top down, and whenever you attach them you’ll want to use clips instead of screws to attach the panels together. You’ll want to make sure you allow for enough airflow to get under the panels, and the clips should be able to expand and contract with the panels.

The bottom line is deciding to do a metal roofing installation the DIY way certainly can save on labor costs, but there is a real art to installing a metal roof that has to be done just right without taking shortcuts. Also, while hiring a contractor would be more expensive, the installation process could go much quicker since the pros know exactly how they’ll be laid down. Usually two factors that impact the decision on going with a metal roof is if you’re planning on being in your home for many years to come, and if it would raise or lower the value of your home in the particular market.


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