September 26, 2023

Tips For Putting A New Roof In Place

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If you’re considering changing the type of roof that you have, then consider a metal roof. The material will likely last longer, and there are various ways that you can customize the roof that you might not be able to find with shingles or other materials. There are also options for doing the work yourself if you don’t want to hire a company to come to your home to complete the work for you. 

When you talk with a diy metal roofing florida contractor to get ideas about the best way to install your roof, you should have a plan in place for the amount of metal you’re going to need and a general idea of the color and design that you want. Someone from the company can take the measurements for you if you’re unsure of how to complete them so that you know without a doubt what you need to get for the project. 

Keep in mind that you need to examine the base of your roof before you install the metal layer. Most of the time, you should only have two other layers of shingles or asphalt on the roof so that the materials aren’t too heavy. If there are more than two layers, then you will likely need to remove at least one of them, possibly more depending on how many are present. You can contact a building inspector to find out about the exact codes that are present in your town before you complete any of the work on your roof. 

As long as the materials that are used are in good condition and you perform the proper maintenance, then a metal roof can last for about 50 years. Even though metal can sometimes be a little more expensive, the investment is usually worth the money that you would spend since it would last longer. Steel shingles are an option if you want to cover the shingles on your roof. You’re going to screw the shingles to the frame, which is screwed to the rafters of your home. This means that you’re going to get a substantial amount of protection. Most roofs of this type can hold up to winds that are about 100 mph compared to traditional shingles that can blow off or become damaged in a summer thunderstorm with minimal winds. 

Since there is more ventilation between metal shingles, there’s less of a chance that ice will build up between them. However, you can drill small drain holes along the shingles that are on the sides of the roof as an added ventilation system. Keep in mind that you will likely hear more sounds on a metal roof than you would from other materials. However, some people seem to enjoy being able to hear rain when it hits the metal or other sounds that are made. Metal often provides more insulation, especially if you’re using a darker color as it will trap the heat from the sun more than lighter colors would, such as blue or red.

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