November 25, 2022

On Renting a Porta Potty

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Maybe some of us don’t stop to consider the possibility of having to rent a porta potty, but for those who are planning an outdoor event or running a construction site, these can become an essential element. After all, guests and even workers can be outside in the wide open for hours on end. Sometimes there may not be a bathroom around that is accessible and some time for one reason or another you may not want individuals tracing through your home waiting to use the facilities or a line forming in your home. 

Reasons for Renting a Porta Potty 

Just deciding to rent a porta potty is just the first step there will be other factors that will play into it. The first thing to keep in mind those running a construction site and needing porta potties for these, there are actually regulations in place about how many are required by the American National Standards Institute. However, for those planning a special outdoor event, say a wedding or a barbeque, any porta potty rentals could also be required especially if the event goes on for hours on end, so how many will actually be needed? That is something else that will need to be factored in. 

How many Porta Pottys to Rent 

So, how does someone go into factoring how many porta potties are needed for their event. The first thing to consider is how long the event could be, and whether alcohol along with plenty of other beverages are being served. The reason it may be necessary to take some porta potties out of service after a while due to well build up, remember for the most part these don’t flush. Second consider your guest list, the number of individuals that will be there. Also, how many are male and female, women tend to need the facilities more on average than men because of feminine needs. Keep in mind though, for the most part, no reason to divide the genders when it comes to porta potty’s since these usually only accommodate one person at a time. 

Types of Porta Potty’s to Rent 

Now comes the factor of what type of porta potty should you rent? There are countless types on the market, these include the basic type that most of us have no doubt seen at one time or another. There are also ones that have handicap accommodations, these are a bit more expensive to rent, but keep in mind that under the ADA guidelines having at least one available at your party is a good idea. Then there are the more luxury types that are actually trailers that have bathroom facilities which those having big lavish weddings tend to flock to. These actually have plumbing capabilities and even a sink as well. Keep in mind though these are luxury for a reason, they can run about a couple thousand dollars each. Regardless of the type a person may choose to use for whatever, reason Porta potty’s are an essential component to making an outdoor party go off successfully.

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