September 25, 2023

Opening the Door to a New Way of Living

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This joke will be familiar to a lot of people. But it bears repeating in order to really drive home a point. The joke asks a simple question. When is a door not a door? The joke’s answer is when it’s ‘a jar’. This is a play on a door becoming ajar. But humor aside, it brings up a rather important point. When does a door stop being a door? Or to clarify the point a little, when does a door stop being useful? 

To really answer that question we need to look into just what doors actually are. The history of doors goes back roughly 5,000 years. To be sure, there were almost certainly doors long before then. But written records are vitally important. It shows us with absolute certainty where something sits in the historical context. What we know about ancient Egypt shows that they had a similar take on doors to the modern conception. 

As for what doors hold in the future? Various attempts to modernize doors are currently in motion. Some are huge successes. Others, such as app integration, need to be taken in on a case by case basis. But one very interesting point in all of this is that doors haven’t really changed all that much in their 5,000 year history. 

Part of that is, of course, the fact that they open and close. This prevents things we want to keep in side from escaping. And it prevents elements from the outdoors from getting in as well. This isn’t just about people or animals either. A door can also keep our climate control working properly. And it’s as true of keeping in the cool air generated from shade as it is keeping the AC working. 

But there’s another constant which we also tend to see with doors. Even going back 5,000 years we can see that aesthetics matter. People want their doors to really match up with the rest of a structure. The modern homeowner demands aesthetics just as much as the ancient pharaohs did. That’s one of the reasons why replacement doors are so popular. And it offers up an answer to when a door really isn’t a door. 

A door isn’t a door when it doesn’t match our every need for one. It’s not just about letting people in or out. It’s also about matching up with the look and feel of our house. An argument can be made that it’s even about matching the look and feel of the environment around us. That’s why local solutions are so important. And why someone in Cincinnati would look for any andersen replacement doors cincinnati oh

By going with a local solution the doors can match in with the area’s design principles. People in an area know exactly what local residents are looking for. And as a result they’re able to properly meet those demands. This does mean that it’ll be able to work efficiently with the local weather. But it also means that a new door will properly fit in with both a house and the neighborhood itself.

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